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School is almost out

Posted by TJ on May 7, 2008

1 final in an hour, 1 tomorrow

maybe a revamp coming on for the good ‘ol sharpracing. probably just the result of not studying at the moment. we’ll see.

ridding has been cool by the way.


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schedule RE: updated

Posted by TJ on July 9, 2007

For right now my upcoming schedule is as follows:

Snowmass MSC this weekend (7.14)

Vermont 7.21

telluride 7.28

Snowmass national (8.11)

SolVista G3  (8.18)

keystone (9.1)

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Photo update

Posted by TJ on February 22, 2007

Today has been a good day of rest while it has been raining. The previous 24 hrs, not so much. Starting with a hill sprint training ride going into a cross country ride, then 3min intervals, and finaly DH runs. I managed to hurt my shoulder last saturday at the bootleg race, that is starting to heal and should be better by this weekend, just in time for the final race of the trip in Fontana. Here is the past week in a photo format.


steve and I ridding over to balboa island for the seascape sunset, along with some muscle beach antics

We had to take the ferry

Is this winter work attire in boulder … NO

Valentine’s day dirt jumping, EAT YOUR HEART OUT

Matty and Spomer, EAT YOUR HEART OUT

on to bootleg, gratuitous butt shot. PHIL … EAT YOUR HEART OUT

the landing of this drop is about 200 vertical below, YA hank

gene has ridden these trails once or twice … maybe more

BUELLER? BUELLER? gonna fall off of this 80 foot ledge? not a chance

see you all in coloRADo … and I just realized this. 2 butt shots in one post, you guys got lucky -especially phil

and sorry to everyone else who cannot understand all of my captions.

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